IMAGINE is JSIR's strongest marketing tool for recruiting new agents. 150,000 copies of each issue are distributed in publications and direct mailings throughout Chicagoland area. Each issue showcases the best of JSIR's listings over $1,000,000. The magazine showcases the exclusive development projects, and some of the top properties from one of our our affiliates around the globe. IMAGINE has been featured in the Chicago Social, Chicago Magazine, and several other local publications. It is even shipped with the Wall Street Journal in the Chicagoland area as well.

Each month, I am the creative director toward the entire IMAGINE publication. Each month, I run reports, research, and curate which properties are to be featured. My goal, while laying out the pages, is to achieve strong visual composition with the photos through their colors and content.  I also research and select properties from our affiliates based on similar lifestyles like Oceanfront Properties or Mountain Properties. Lastly, design monthly ad campaign featured in the IMAGINE for both JSIR; design ads for our developments specifically for the IMAGINE.

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