NYI, or New York Ideas, is an annual event held by the Atlantic Media Live. This was my design test application for when I was asked to apply to join the Atlantic Media Fellowship Program. This fictional 4th Annual New York Ideas will be devoted to highlighting the biggest people, ideas and trends that will change the future. Join The Atlantic as we pause and ask: Where, exactly, are we going?

The goal was to summerize the 2 page "brief". I hoped to have a Humanist typographic mark, but utilize it as a pattern to wrap the event in. A sentence directly from the brief: "And in doing so, they have brought multidimensional gay, African American and southeast Asian characters into middle American living rooms.", was refering to the change in diversity of characters in our enterntainment. I used this phrase as a source of inspiration to design a creative identity that was to be a "gay, african, and asian print" a fabric to dress this celebration of diversity of the ideas that were shared at the upcoming NYI.

NYI_Artboard 15NYI_Artboard 15
NYI_Artboard 17NYI_Artboard 17